Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Pioneer Day Classic 10K!

Mindi and I had been planning to do this Pioneer Day Classic 10k in Provo, Utah by the Provo temple for about 3 months. So we were training and getting ready. Then I randomly had to get my appendix out... how annoying! It ruined everything. I basically had to start from the beginning because I got so out of shape from not being able to run. 

I still decided to do it and even though I was one of the last ones to come in.. I finished. We got the boys to do it too! They didn't even really train and of course they finish before us!
Brady finished first in our group, then Don, Mindi and me!

The hardest part was a huge hill called Goliath at the very first mile that you can't even run up! It wasted us!
Would I do it again? NO! A 10k? Yes... but not with a hill like that!

Here is me and Brady BEFORE and AFTER!

My running partner that was only with me at the Start line haha! I was just not in as good of shape as I planned to be

The whole crew!
Don actually placed in his aged group!

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Mindi said...

Let's do it again in a couple of years!