Monday, March 18, 2013

My Super Amazing Husband

Brady hid sweet and funny little notes all over the house for me and I am still finding them! What a great husband huh?!?!

Fun in the Snow!

Christmas in Connecticut!

Getting on the plane.. the Pilot let Marshall come sit in his chair and pretend to fly the plane! It was pretty cool!

Thank goodness for movies!

Marshall protecting Corinne during a movie. I think they were watching Snow White!

Playing under the bed.

Marshall falling asleep under the bed.. only his head is out of it! 

Christmas ties! Thanks Christiana!

Hanging with older kids

Building gingerbread houses! My mom was such a good Grandma! She had a little present/activity for the kids everyday! They LOVED it! This was one of them.

Another project! Marshall told his cousin Corinne, "I'm going to make one of these for you!"
Corinne says in the sweetest voice, "OK! But can you make it a little bit prettier?"
Haha I was dying!

Uncle Jared taking Marshall on the dirt bike! 

Kaitlin and Scott

I don't know..

Wiped out!


Another funny sleeping pose!

The girls went to go see Les Miserables and when we got out of the movies it was snowing like crazy! My mom was wearing slip on shoes haha! Luckily the rest of us had boots on!

Christmas Eve with the Reids!

Christmas Eve was a blast! We had some delicious dinner with our family friends the Reid Family.

Then we went to the Nursing home and walked around singing! They loved it and so did we!
It was great to see Marshall's reactions! 

We opened our one present from Grandma Marshall and read Luke 2 before going to bed!

Christmas Morning!

It didn't snow the whole time we were in Connecticut except for Christmas morning! It was beautiful!

Santa brought this for Scott! 

He brought this for Marshall!
He was pretty excited!

It was a great day! It was so fun to see the kids and everyone open their presents and be so excited! Great Christmas! We are super blessed!

Another visit to the Big City!

Just the adult kids in NYC! Short trip but a good one!

Shake Shack and dirty dogs from the street! YUM!

Subway performers!

A surprise was waiting for us at the end of the night! The idiots that parked our car broke the front bumper cover thing off. They tried to say it was already like that.. like we drove it 2 1/2 hours like that haha! Oh what a nightmare. Luckily Brady deals with ridiculous people all the time at his job and so he was on top of it. Kim, Jeff, Mindi and I just waited in the car.. tired and ready to get back home!

Besides THAT, it was a great trip! Thanks Mom and Dad for watching the kids!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Marshall Christmas Party

Our little shepherd boy during the Nativity!

I guess Scott wanted to be one too! 

Making "lovely" music!

Our little stinker!

Yummy Soup! Great games! Good Company! 
We Love our Marshall family especially Grandma and Grandpa!!

Getting Ready for Christmas!

Going through decorations!

Marshall put all the ornaments on the tree!
Then Scott took them off!

We found this year old cup of milk in this little house! SICK!

In front of the huge Christmas Tree at the Outlets! 

Christmas crafts! 

Decorating cookies to bring to our neighbors!

We kept these ones haha!

Early Christmas present!

Some of Scott

My little cuddle bug!


Happy Kid

First Hair Cut! He needed it so so bad!

Scott always brings things like the Spiderman hand to me to put on. He was going crazy shooting spiderwebs!

Little Stinker

Sweet little Princess

(Like Spider-Pig from the Simpsons Movie)

This kid can eat!

My sweet little Scott! And his Haslam tongue lol!