Tuesday, September 11, 2012


We had SO MUCH FUN!!
We got there just after they opened and didn't leave til after it closed.. about 10:30! The boys had such a good time and were surprisingly really good! I think they had enough to look at to keep them occupied!

The lines were so great! We got to go on almost everything we wanted and some rides twice! We used the baby pass which made whoever was waiting with the kids be able to go through the Fast Pass lane.

There was an EARTHQUAKE that day right as everyone was on Thunder Mountain.. so they got stopped right inside the tunnel. Of course! Something always happens on Thunder Mountain! So they didn't get to finish the ride but they got two 6 person fast passes! We used those at Space Mountain of course.. the best ride at Disneyland! 

 Here we are in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle!

So of course you always go on Indiana Jones first! That's our route! It was Brady's first time!

Here are Brady and Marshall checking all to see on the Jungle Safari! Marshall remembered me telling him there would be an elephant that would spray him!

 After Pirates, where we had to explain that everything was pretend, and a few more rides the boys passed out! This was so great! We did big kid rides as they were sleeping! They were well rested for the rest of the day!

This is how excited Marshall was to see the REAL Peter Pan, Captain Hook and other characters in the Parade. It was so funny to watch his face! He was almost shaking he was so excited! And I was almost crying at how funny it was!

Marshall was really brave to go on all the high and fast rides! He even went on the fast roller coaster in Toon Town!

This was one of Marshall and Brady's favorite's! We went on it one last time when the park was just about to close to see if Brady could get a higher score. He made it to Level 4!

Marshall finding Nemo! haha
The rest of the crew!

This was probably Marshall's favorite ride: PETER PAN! It was the longest line too! When we were done he said, "Lets do it again!" but we weren't going to wait in that line again!

 Me and Marshall on DUMBO

Casey Jr. Circus Train

Minnie's house! Marshall totally fell for the fake cookies and tried to grab them!

Brady and I were trying to decide if we should just go home, but the park wasn't closed yet. We were having so much.. the kids too. So we took turns going to Space Mountain one more time. It is a little awkward by yourself but still so fun!

These are maybe half the rides we went on! We were able to do so much! We seriously had such a blast!

As we were walking down Main St. to leave, Marshall kept crying and we stopped and said, "Why are you crying? We had such a fun day!" Then he said, "I just want to go on one more ride!" We just started laughing so hard! We had been at Disneyland for probably 13 hours and he still wasn't done! We told him we could take the Bus Ride back to the car and he was so happy!

We are definitely going back! I loved spending this time with friends and my little family! Oh, I love them!

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