Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The Fam! minus Don :(
Grandpa with the grandkids. They loved being with him! and I think he likes them too!

Marshall loves his Daddy too!
Marshall and Corinne! They fought a lot but had a lot of fun together too. They even got into trouble together!
Marshall and Kaitlin

We loved to make this babe smile! She is just so sweet!
Marshall's crew!
Marshall absolutely LOVED the beach. He loved the sand, the snacks, the boat, the water, everything! He loved to get dirty too!
Jared and Marshall
We hadn't even gotten to the beach yet haha
I love this girl!

The boys went shooting one morning and had a blast.
This is what happens when you have over 30 people and 1 bathroom!
Marshall loves Travis! He followed him around all the time. SO cute

Kimmy and Corinne while we are going shopping
The boys love to go on the dirt bikes and little quad for the kids.
John made some yummy yummy ribs one night for the whole family. Thanks John!
We also had a ping pong tournament.
and played some volleyball and soccer
Here is Marshall helping his daddy clean up the yard

Marshall loves his Grandma! He would way rather be sitting on her lap then anyone else in that family including me!
For Family Night our family did "Minute to Win It". It was hilarious. We did Face the Cookie, Junk in the Trunk, and On the Rebound. This is a picture of Face the Cookie. Here are movies for the other two. Make sure to at least watch the 2nd one! Its the funniest!

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Mindi said...

I'm so glad we get to relive Bear Lake through pictures and video! Love your blog! Miss you guys.