Thursday, June 25, 2009

Tyson goes on a mission!

This last week Tyson (Brady's younger brother) came to Utah to be dropped off at the MTC. Brady took him to do so many things on Tuesday. First they went to Ensign Peak which is the picture above. Then we all went to Welfare Square, along with Don (Katie's brother-in-law) who was in town! Brady then took Tyson to the Beehive house. Brady, Tyson, Katie and Lee (Brady's older brother) then went to the 3:00 session at the Salt Lake Temple. This was so neat because Grandma and Grandpa Marshall were part of the live session. It was really neat to participate with them. After the session Grandma and Grandpa took us on a little tour of the temple which was also really neat! I think the new missionary really enjoyed that as well! The last visit we made was to Great Grandma Paul who is almost 97 years old. She hasn't been doing too well the last week and month so it was good to visit her. Brady held her hand and talked to her while we were there. She definitely remembered him and was sad when we left.
The next day we got to drop off Tyson at the MTC. We parked and went and took a picture and then drove to the drop up which is basically like the airport. He left so fast and was so ready to leave the lady was a little worried!! lol! He is so ready to go and we know he will be a great missionary in Baltimore, Maryland (Spanish Speaking)!


Natalie said...

I'm SO glad you posted this! I just love Tyson and know that he will be an awesome missionary.

I'm also really glad that you got to see Great Grandma. I miss her so much and hope to see her soon if she's not able to make it to the reunion. She's definitely provided quite a legacy to live up to!

I've always wanted to attend a session at the SLC temple, and now I REALLY want to attend after your awesome experience. Temples ROCK!!

~Ashley Dawn~ said...

maybe you smelled and that is why he was such in a rush to get out of there.... you never know....


Just kidding.

I know it was like.. Wow... don't let the door hit you on the way out speed demon. LOL


Jamie said...

Thanks for posting this. I am glad you guys were able to see him you allll!