Monday, June 1, 2009

Saturday's Rockclimbing trip in American Fork Canyon

After climbing up a steep mountain (that Katie was not ready for) we found our first place to climb! Here is a picture of Devin (Nick's friend) on the left and Brady on the right!
This is the second place we climbed! They had a little more fun on this one! Here is Brady and Vanessa!
Brady and Nick love to play around, as safe as possible, while they are climbing! Here is Brady trying to climb up side down!

Nick likes to do swing and do 360s!
We had such a blast! The rock climbing was amazing and the company was great! After climbing we went to a picnic spot to cook foil dinners and smores! We had a great time!


..Kris Naven.. said...

Those are awesomr pictures!!!

..Kris Naven.. said...

awesome!!! (sorry spelling) :)

Natalie said...

OK, even if Brady was "safe" that just freaks me out! Looks like they had lots of fun though, so that's what really matters!