Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So last Saturday was fun with BYU playing UTAH!! Brady played a red vs blue football game with a bunch of kids from the college! It was really fun to watch. It was really like BYU vs UTAH: a bunch of skinny white kids against a bunch of big brown kids! We got beat mostly because not many of our team knew how to play or TACKLE. Brady did awesome!! He would have to run and tackle a guy that three of his teammates were already working on. He also had an amazing sac on this huge QB! Luckily Brady didn't get hurt but 2 kids got big gashes near their eyes from cleats. They were both pretty bad. Brady had fun playing and I had fun watching!
For the game, Jenn and Noah came over to watch it with us since Taylor went to the game. It was fun to see them! They dressed up Noah in a cute utes jersey! He is the freaken cutest kid! Even though we were sad that BYU lost we were happy that Taylor was happy because he was a lot more fun to hang out with then he would've been if they lost! Anyway.. we had a little incident while Noah was here! (This is one reason I can't wait to be a mom, to have unexpected and odd things happen). Jenn brought 3 diapers and he went through all three of them in only a few! So the last one he pooped real bad and all over but we didn't have another one. So until we could get to the store we had to do it the old fashion way and wrap him in a towel! It was so funny! He had no idea! Jenn is so good with him. It is so funny how they fall asleep together and are totally on the same schedule. She is such a great mommy!

Here is little Noah! Isn't he freaken adorable??
And here is his old fashion diaper! Didn't we do a good job?


~Ashley Dawn~ said...

ha ha that is hillarious!!! How fun!! :) I want to play foot ball, but all people play here is flag. :( and that is pretty not fun. Tackling is the best part. Oh well.

Nice Diaper HA HA :)

Natalie said...

What a cute baby!!! Very quick thinking for the diaper, and I still find it amazing how much poop can come out of such a little bundle of joy...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Filetti Family said...

Wow that is AWESOME! I love the creative diaper. I hope there was not another blow out diaper before you got to the store. Man when you have kids you have to do some pretty gross stuff you never would imagine doing. Caleb had a HORRIBLE blow out one day while we were at Costco and it came out of his diaper and went all over our groceries. Talk about gross!!! LOL