Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cousin Pool Party!!

This Saturday we had a cousin party!! Since we haven't really done anything with just the cousins lately.. like when we used to have sleepovers at the Marshalls.. I decided to have a party! It was really fun! Jodi, Blair, Dave, Shawna, Lisa, Steph, Tyler, his friend Ben, and our friends that are friends with the Marshalls Andrea and Anthony all came. Sorry we missed the Hommes'. We wish you were there. And we really missed Mindi and Don. We always miss them!! We just ate.. a ton.. then went down to the hot tub and swimming pool! Everyone was wasted after that because the hot tub is so hot! We had a good time! I forgot to take pictures but hopefully we will do it again soon and I'll take pictures then. Thanks again for coming everyone!!


Mindi said...

What? We totally missed out? Gosh, that sounds like so much fun!

Mark and Kim said...

Apparently the temperature of the hot tub needs to be 112 degrees for the old people! It's been so hot for as long as I can remember!!