Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Visiting with the Rupps!!

The saturday after thanksgiving we went over to Grandma Rupps house to see the new baby! Emily, he is so freaken adorable! Then we went to Cafe Rio! We being: Brady & Katie, Emily & Jason and AmyAnn & Brooks! It was fun to hang for a little and catch up on things! Love you guys! I think we still need to have a Marshall Rupp Lake Powell Trip!! Maybe when Jared gets home!


Mindi said...

Dang- I'm sad I missed out!

AmyAnn said...

Yes, we missed you Mindi! It was fabulous! I am all for the Rupp Marshall Lake Powell trip! Lets plan it!

hansenana said...

I think that all of your pictures are really cool. I espiesially like the the pictures of the snow. I also like the picture of the the pictures frame that said families are forever.