Friday, July 13, 2012

Marshall & Friends

 Jared and Marshall
Best Buds
 Diana, Claire, Marshall, Abby, Hunter, and Vance
Claire Abby Marshall
 Claire Marshall Abby

 Marshall and Abby holding hands!

 4 little monkeys jumping on the bed!
 I walked by Marshall's room and found them like this!! So Cute!
 James 3rd birthday party. Jamie is so cute to make little Caterpillar costumes. She even made it so you can put pieces of paper of a picture of the food he ate inside the mouth and down in the tummy of the caterpillar. 
 Here they are reading the book and putting the food in the mouth!
 Marshall and Claire's picnic UNDER the table
 Library Date
 Watching "How to Train Your Dragon"
Marshall and Hunter... the one kid in the complex older then him lol

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