Sunday, April 1, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's.... DAY!
Marshall helping make heart shaped sugar cookies!
Marshall's little girlfriend Abby was helping too. They are holding hands lol
For Family Night Tyson and Jessica came over. We all decorated cookies and then took them to Marshall's friends. It was his first experience of "Door Bell Ditching"!!
Both Brady and I had a tradition for Valentines Day where our Mom's would door-bell-ditch a Valentine's Day package for us. I can just imagine them running around the house to make it look like they were there the whole time haha. Anyway, we are continuing that tradition with our kids. It is a little difficult in an apartment though because there is only ONE door. So Brady had to keep Marshall in the back room while I left the package, rang the doorbell, and shut the door softly. Marshall came running, opened the door and found a decorated brown paper bag. In it was a sweet cape & mask and of course some goodies! He was super excited!
Thanks Grandma's for the goodies you sent too!
Another Pinterest find: I made some rice krispy kisses for Brady and the boys!
Well of course we had to have a PARTY! That is who we are! Since we didn't have babysitters we invited some friends over to celebrate Valentines Day with us. The poster is the name of the party!
Brady made me some delicious chocolate coverd strawberry's and pretzels. They were delicious! I added a bunch of other yummy treats for the party. The cherry cupcakes (from Pinterest) were amazing!
We are big Papa Murphy fans so we had to get the heart shaped Pizza for dinner!
And for the activity we played Just Dance! It was so fun! Jenna was amazing! She beat the heck out of all of us. Then the boys played Smash brothers on Game Cube til like 10:30! haha Really romantic, but seriously a blast!

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