Saturday, October 8, 2011

NEW Room!

So I finally got around to re-decorating our room! I used a little of our tax refund for it! But most things were purchased with a coupon, at the DI or and re-purposed! It has been very fun!

These are the beautiful dressers Brady made when we lived in CA!
Prints like these are usually really expensive. You can find them at Pottery Barn or places like that. I found a whole book of these at the DI for $4! Seriously an amazing find! And of course the frames are from the DI and have been all painted to match!

I purchased my bedding at Pottery Barn. (It was on Clearance). I made my dark blue pillow covers out of curtains I made in my last apartment so $0. I used just white fabric for the curtains to be simple which were cheap and I had a coupon. The curtain rods were on clearance at Hobby Lobby and were white. I spray painted them a cool finish! The ends are green glass balls!

I love this yellow antique sewing machine case. My sewing machine broke, because it was as old as this case! So.. we use it to store computer accessories!
I love this desk. We got it for $15 from someone in Sugar House. It is a really old desk. I love the side shelves and the gold handle. The map was another DI purchase.. $1. It is glued to a board to make it flat. I love how huge it is!

There are a ton more "deals" around this room that I didn't mention. That is probably the funnest part about it! It is also necessary since we really don't have much money haha!

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Mindi said...

You are so creative! Love the room. I need to do mine, it's a little dated now.