Thursday, May 12, 2011

Ready To Pop Shower

So I organized a shower for my friend Jamie with some help from some friends and family. It was fun to come up with all the fun POP ideas. This is the invitation. I had to cover the part that has our address and phone number.
This was the main table. We had the shower in the club house at our apartments because it was already decorated in red and black! On the table there was popcorn cupcakes, caramel popcorn, butter popcorn, totsie and blow pops, fruit, and oreo pops. We also had popcorn bags so everyone could take some home. That was a brilliant idea because I didn't have much food left over!!
Here are the popcorn cupcakes that McKelle helped me make. They looked a little better in real life.
Here is the second table.
Soda POP.
Here is Jamie, the one who is having a baby soon.. obviously. She is drinking from the fun straws I got.
Here are the girls playing one of the games. We played the game where you guess what candy bar is in the diaper. They were so disgusting and really looked like poop. The other game we played was to match the animal to the number of days of pregnancy. That was a really interesting game! Pretty fun!

Anyway, we had a good time!