Wednesday, April 7, 2010

RMYL Scholarship Banquet 2010

Last night (04/06), we attended a banquet in the Hinckley Building at BYU where Brady received the Rulon Skinner Scholarship! It was really neat!
Marshall was naughty most of the time but I saw Emily Johnson there (she was serving), a girl I used to work with at OSF and a guy from EFY. So random. No matter what, we always see people we know at BYU! I also got to meet and see Brady's teachers and listen to Brent Sheets speak. He is the Facility Director of the huge Kearns Recreation Center along with other things. It was good to hear from him! He was there to receive the Outstanding Professional Award. He has also won many other awards. Brady has visited there and talked with him before! It will be good to have such a great contact! YAY Brady! Good Job!


JenniferKaryn said...

Sorry for blog stalking you!! We always see people we know around provo and I think it's so fun. Your baby is so adorable he seems so happy all the time :)

Jamie said...

Go Brady!! So Hayden has been looking for Marshall. I have explained that he had to go back home and i think hayden is finally catching on. I wish our weather was as good as it is now. We finally got to go to the park today. Thanks again for ALL your guys help. It was so fun to have you. I miss turning around and seeing marshall smiling all the time. All these posts were really great. I have to say Marshall's foot face made me laugh! (the one brady drew on him) anyway love you all and see ya soon!!!!

Mindi said...

Congrats Brady! We are way proud of you.

makana said...

Congrats! What a great accomplishments. And while you thought Marshall was being naughty I am sure he won over the hearts of many that nights. Cute babies seem to do that naturally