Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter in Boise

This Easter we went to Boise and stayed with Jamie (Brady's sister), Matt and the boys! It was so fun and we had such a great time! Here are some pictures from the trip:
How cute is he??
This is his new face.. he does it all the time!
We went to a little Discovery Center. It was kind of like the Children's Museum we used to go to. Here are the boys in the Grocery Store.

Here is Marshall in the Pet Hospital! He is so concerned for this little doggy!
"Charlie bit my finger"
Jakey!! Where are your pants?
Bath Time!
Bath time was so funny! This was Marshall's first time sitting in the bath tub. He usually sits in his own little plastic tub. Anyway.. he was weightless.. he kept floating down towards the boys. It was so funny and so weird. I think you had to be there though!
Easter Morning! Easter was great. Jamie was so sweet! She did baskets for everyone! AND Breakfast AND lunch AND dinner! I think I gained 5 pounds there!
Marshall loved what he got in his basket! Thanks again Jamie!
This is the Fruit Man Brady made.
DINNER! Yummy!! It was so delicious!
Hayden continually asked Brady to play the Frog game with him! Brady didn't fight it too much!

Brady had fun playing with the boys and I think they had fun with him as well!

We also did a lot of decorating and planning with Jamie. We painted her dining room a warm yellow which looks awesome and put up different things around her house! It looks great. It was so fun too!

Finished product!

We also played a lot of Hand and Foot! And it has to be said.. the girls WON!! Hard Core! Hard Core!

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lol! hard core is right!