Sunday, October 18, 2009

Pictures and Video of Marshall (TURN UP THE VOLUME)

Marshall loves watching his owls..

He loves taking baths too..

Here is just a video of him smiling, making funny faces, sneezing, pulling up his shirt and saying HI! (listen closely). This is at the end of his smiley morning though so he is a little over it.

This is when Marshall was suppose to be asleep and I went in and he was just wide awake!!


Tay and Jenn said...

omg kate marshall has gotten so big! I want to see you guys asap!! He has so much character i love guys look so happy..miss you!!

Hammer said...

I cant believe how big he is!!! The last video is my favorite for sure. Wow, i hope we get to see him! I just want to see that cute little smile in person!


Mindi said...

So so so so cute! Gosh I miss that little guy! What a little cutie...he is starting to look like you.

Ash said...

Holy Smokes! He is so big. I cant believe it. He is starting to look like a boy!!

Nic & Trudi said...

Katie!! It's Trudi. I saw you on Heather's facebook so I look at your page and saw that you had a blog. You and your hubby and your little man are all so stinkin cute!!! It looks like you are doing so good and are so happy!!