Sunday, October 18, 2009

Brady's Birthday

For Brady's birthday we went to Salt Lake. First I gave him a couple of presents: a BYU hat, a BYU water bottle, and a tape measure! Then at night we went to Salt Lake, dropped Marshall off with Vanessa & Nick and went to Old Spaghetti Factory (surprise surprise LOL)! After dinner we went over to Grandma & Grandpa Marshalls to pick up Brady's last present from his dad. He had been begging me for a climbing rope for a few weeks now and I kept telling him he wasn't getting it because it was just too expensive. Well Nick and I went and got a good deal on one and here he is opening the fake rope! We don't bring the real rope out til after.

Then we brought out the real rope! Here is Brady saying "Thank You Dad"

Then we went and hiked ensign peak for sunset! I forgot I just had a baby and was really out of shape (still am too!). It was fun though. To celebrate we had plastic wine glasses and Sparkling Cider but had to drink it when we came down because it was too cold and windy at the top and there was a group of little boys that would probably think we were really drinking! We finished the night cake at Nick and Vanessa's!

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Hammer said...

You guys both look sooo great! Sounds like Katie did a good job on the birthday