Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Backtracking.. Bear Lake 2009

Here is Dad and Brady just chillin on the beach!
Mom getting a tan!

Brady got the "dollar" kites to fly! The kids were so excited!

Cute pictures of Corinne! It is so fun to take pictures of her!

Brady is so fun to watch when he wakeboards because he isn't afraid to do anything.. even if he falls really hard!

One of Corinne's first boat trips.
Kimmy, Mom and Mindi on the tube! Next year I will be on it with them!

Mindi and Corinne!
Mom and Dad cooking breakfast!

This is the dinner that Ross and Jo's family did for their night. It is from the south! They just cook a bunch of stuff and throw it on the table for you to grab and dip and eat! It was delicious!

Here is Brady trying out the new (cold) showers they built in the back!
For Family Night our family sang "Kiss the Girl" with Grandma and Grandpa acting in the front. It was pretty hilarious.

The family.. minus Don and Jared!


~Ashley Dawn~ said...

ha ha LOVE KISS THE GIRL! :) thats awesome! :)

how fun!!

so... you might be tired of hearing this... but... uh.... wheres more pictures of Marshall? :D and the baby story :) :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


~Ashley Dawn~ said...

OH! and PS

I Have always ALWAYS wanted to do one of those southern dinner things!!!!

That always seemed so much fun!!!!!

pss.... more marshall..... love you again...

Hammer said...

Dang katie, you took some great pics of Corinne! That close up of her in the glasses is ADORABLE! I too really want to try a southern dinner like that. Looks fun. You guys were so creative with your skit. That was such a cute idea!