Friday, April 24, 2009

Funny Pregnant Stories!

Ok so because I am pregnant now some funny things have happened. Not only do I forget everything I was going to say just a few seconds ago and can fall asleep anywhere at anytime, there are a few specific times that I was definitely "pregnant".
The first one was on the way home from California. We stopped at In N Out of course on the way out of Sparks. (Now that I am writing this, it is not as funny as when it acutally happened lol) Ok but anyway... so it was just funny because I was trying to squeeze through some people and I sucked in, totally thought I had it but totally knocked this girl and her purse with my belly!
Along with the having a big belly now, the other day when I was making banana bread, I reached for the pan up on the top shelf of the cupboard and totally stuck my belly into the mix. It got all over my shirt. I really need to get used to this thing!
The best one that Brady still brings up almost everyday is... SO I still wear some non maternity pants and just unbutton them when I sit down. Well waiting for Brady to get out of work my pants were really tight and I unbuttoned and unzipped them. So about 20 or so minutes later we get home and get out of the car. Well, half way to the door Brady and I notice my pants are more than half way down my bum and about to fall off completely. It wasn't easy just to pull them up really fast with all the things in my hands, but I managed to get them up. Hopefully the old man in the garage didn't see anything! lol
Anyway.. hope you get a little laugh out of those. I am sure I will have more to tell when I really start to be "pregnant"!


~Ashley Dawn~ said...

love you!!!!! ha ha thats hillarious!

Hammer said...

Ya, i don't think you ever really get used to the belly. Those stories are great! I used to burn my belly on the iron or frying pan all the time! Oh and have you had anyone awkwardly ask if you were pregnant (like they know they shouldn't but they just can't help themselves..) Oh heres one for ya:

I was at the grocery store and an old man walked past me and said "I didn't do it!" It was creepy. Then he asked if I was pregnant and i told him I hope so otherwise i'm just really bloated...i was 7 months along...

(sorry I wrote a lot and by writing this apology i'm using even more room so- sorry)

Natalie said...

Well, since we're swapping pregnant stories (and to make Jamie not feel bad writing such a long comment), I can completely relate to all of the above (though I would've loved to see the pants's definitely a lot funnier when it's happening to someone else!).

Have you had any weird food cravings? With Seth, the sweetest thing I could eat was an apple (I would eat a Golden Delicious and laughing cow mini-cheesewheel everyday on the way home from teaching). Not so with Eliza. The only thing I couldn't stand was any form.

Good times!

Mindi said...

That's so funny! You should write these down cause I am just now remembering things that have happened to me. Just don't do what I did and almost have to rush to the hospital...when slamming big car doors, remove your belly from it's path. Hopefully you won't have to worry about closing it in things for a few more months!