Saturday, May 26, 2012

Easter 2012 in Boise Idaho with the Brasher Family!

Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday! The kids had a blast. There were so many eggs just all over the place! Here is Marshall and Betty running around
Marshall loves Betty. He is holding her close!
Marshall's loot!

Marshall was making this disgusting face the whole time we were in Boise. I don't know if he had something in his nose or what but it was so funny. 
We had the kids make art so we could take it to a Nursing Home... BUT we never got there. We had good intentions we just had so many other things going on!
Lining up to come downstairs to see what the Easter Bunny brought.
Coming down and searching for eggs. Marshall wanted to open everyone he saw. He didn't realize it was sort of a race.

I think Scott wanted some too!
Brasher's are moving to a new house on a 5 acre lot so they got chicks for the kids! That was pretty exciting!
Our little cone heads!

Betty, Jake, Hayden and Marshall playing with the baby chicks! 
The Brasher's new dog Coach was barking so Betty and Marshall went to go tell him whats up. It was so funny how serious they were telling him "NO" and to be quiet! They were even stomping haha
Sunday Easter clothes picture!
Scott's tongue. I'm pretty sure he got that from the Haslam side.
We had a DELICIOUS Easter Dinner! Wow! The kids loved it too!
Marshall and Betty were little stinkers together. This particular morning they decided to get on the table and throw off cherrios all over the dining room, kitchen and hall!! AGH!!
Marshall is pretty good by himself too. This particular night, as he was suppose to be in his bed going to sleep, he got into my mascara and tried to put it on haha! It's all over his arm and leg too. 
Sunday walk!
Betty & Tyson and Scott & Brady

Betty LOVED Scott. She was always with him. If Scott was sleeping she would walk around saying "Baby? Baby?"
It was pretty cute.
What would we do with out the flying game!
If you look close at Brady's nose you can kind of see where Marshall got that face. 
Jacob and Scott
Scott and Betty
We had such a good time in Boise! Thanks Brashers for letting us stay there so long. Marshall even learned how to do a somersault at the boys' gymnastics class! It was a blast!

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