Friday, January 13, 2012


This is "Katie's Workshop"! Just a few of the projects from Christmas!
This is a skirt I made Corinne. The color is actually more rosy! I made a smaller one for Kaitlin and plan to make a bigger one for myself!!
Christmas Eve we had Mexican and made Gingerbread housed at the Bowden House!
Here are the boys in their PJ's they get to open on Christmas Eve! Thanks Grandma's!
This is what Marshall woke up to on Christmas Morning! Santa brought him a train! He played with that thing every single day in California!
We woke up to a great surprise on Christmas Morning.. ANTS!! Ants covered the whole front room and kitchen. They were all over the presents. It was horrible. I guess that is what happens when you live in the country! So annoying! Anyway.. after an hour of trying to clean them up we finally opened presents. Luckily Marshall was very excited and occupied with his train!
It was fun to have Grandma & Grandpa Bowden and Sherrie there too!
Jen being silly! I think thats were Brady gets it!
Scott with all his presents from Grandma's! He's half asleep!
Brady had Conner for Christmas and made him a giant KitKat bar!! Yes it is chocolate and vanilla wafers! It was even shaped like a kitkat bar! It was pretty cool!
Brady's other amazing present that he gave was for his Dad! He made a seat out of wood and a saddle and a display of all Gary's cowboy stuff. There's a bunch of little things on the display that you can't really see like spurs and other things that I don't really know what they are ha ha!
On the opposite wall are old pictures of him and his kids with horses! He got emotional with this one and had a hard time telling the stories of the pictures. Brady did a great job!
I made the boys matching ties to wear to church since Christmas was on Sunday!

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Mindi said...

Love the matching ties. And I love the skirts! The girls always get tons of complements!