Thursday, October 21, 2010

FUN at Jumpin' Jacks

Last week we had a Play Date at Jumpin' Jacks. Marshall loved it at first but I think he got really annoyed that he couldn't walk in the blow up things with out falling. He loved the slides though. By the time he got to the bottom he was already crying cause he wanted to go again. He would try to climb back up but that never worked. I had to take little breaks cause I was sweating so bad! It was way fun though! Next time we'll bring the Daddy's so we can trade off!
There were really really old coin operated cars and things. I think he liked those more then the blow up slides!
Here is Marshall looking for change in the old arcade machines.
Marshall couldn't sit on the horses without falling off so he had to sit in the middle!

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Mindi said...

Oh my's the first time I've ever thought Marshall looks like Corinne- when he is in that yellow car and smiling...can you see it?