Monday, December 7, 2009

Marshalls funny things and funny faces!

He likes to read or look at books!
He still sneezes all the time.. His record still stands at 9 in a row.
He also loves to put things in his mouth and really chew on them.
even when there is nothing there..
He loves to sit up.. we think he will sit up before he rolls over.

Just representing BYU (who beat Utah!!)
Eww Utah!! lol
Apparently he likes to play the wii. I think he just wants to eat the controller and all the hands around him!
This is my son.. can't taouch his toes!! Actually his dad has taught him to be more like him and hold his toes.
His favorite toy to chew on.. even though he cries after playing with it cause it chews on it so hard.
Not sure...
not sure about this one either...
He loves blankets on his head! What a cutie huh??


Jamie said...

What a cutie pa-tuttie!!! I miss having the that sweet boy around here! He is so gosh darn cute!!! I love all his silly little faces!Lol

Natalie said...

Yes, a TOTAL cutie! It so fun to see different Bowden boy faces on him depending on what he's doing. He looks like an absolute joy to be around and more entertaining than television.

Mindi said...

Oh my gosh- in some of those pictures he looks exactly like you and some he looks soooo much like Jeffrey it's crazy! So cute! Thanks for updating!

Mindi said...

Sorry- I just have to make another comment! The second picture reminds me so much of you. You can make that same face. I love it!

makana said...

I am loving the faces and my favorite picture was the pants on his head!

Connie said...

Marshall you are such a cutie......I miss you so much. Tell mommy to give you a big hug for me. Love Grandma Marshall