Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some more pictures of Marshall.. and one of Brady!

Marshall loves sleeping with Daddy! I didn't quite catch his smile on camera but he was smiling so big!
This is Marshall giving his soft cry.. it is so cute!
Here is Marshall in his cute baseball outfit
Brady wanted to show that he can palm a golf ball..
Our little Old man
This is to show how big his hands are!
This is just a funny close up of him sleeping with his arms smooshing his face!


Jamie said...

How did you catch these on camera! they are all soooooo cute! His hands really are big. iim impressed with the palming of the golf ball

Natalie said...

I LOVE these pictures! He was pretty much sleeping the whole time I saw him at the reunion, so it's awesome to see how cute he is with his eyes open. I especially love the baseball pic with how small his little body is (it won't stay that way for long!)

Too fun!

Jess said...

hey! this is jessica bassett (matt's niece). i got a letter from tyson a few weeks ago and i could tell he was so proud to tell me that he has another nephew. marshall is sooo cute! and i love that name! hope you guys are doing well!

makana said...

Hey you three! Congrats! I am happy to be socially linked to you now :)