Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The first warm Saturday!

In the morning we went over to help clean up Memory Grove Park. Then we went over to West High to hopefully play some soccer. This is there little game of a few people! But the few hours waiting for people to show up Brady and Anthony (our friend from the ward.. and Austrailia) had to keep themselves busy. So they..
Joggled the ball around..

Standing and sitting..

Picked the grass..
Did a little exploring..

Threw the football with their left hands..

Said the Pledge of Alligance..

and just goofed around!

Because I was sitting in the same place for about 3 hours or so and it was a little cold and overcast.. I got my first good burn of the year! Brady and I both had a blast though!

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Hammer said...

looks like fun...its been soo nice to be able to go outside lately