Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This is what happens when we do too much homework!

This is Brady in a Christmas sweater if you can't tell.. Not really sure how this happened...

Brady was a little out of control and tied Katie up! Not very nice.. especially in a christmas sweater.


~Ashley Dawn~ said...

ok. So I figured that was Brady in a sweater. But that was serisouly the most interesting thing I have seen in a while HA HA

Austin has done that to me... well not exactly. I have my big sweaters that I stole from friends back in high school that I still wear (because they are the most comfy!) and we were wrestling around once (you know they like to wrestle....) and he took my sleeves and tied them up so I couldn't move ly arms or legs. :(

As I can see you FULLY understand. HA HA


Natalie said...

Brady hasn't changed one bit from when he was funny as the Christmas sweater was, it was a bit disturbing to see! ;)

Devin said...

Oh my gosh, it looks like Brady is giving birth to a baby with the largest hands in the world. Congratulations Brady, it's a special time in every mother's life.