Friday, January 16, 2009

Christmas Day!

Every year we come down the stairs oldest to youngest, except now the tallest is in front! Here are moms beautiful decorations!
So since Mom has had this really cute thing for probably a couple years and never had pictures in it.. i put pictures in for her for Christmas! I think she really liked it!

Here we are Christmas morning with our presents in the pajamas Grandma and Grandpa gave us!
Dad and Mindi! Poor Dad had a horrible headache all morning.
Mom, Jeff, and Kim!
Then of course all he rest of the day we played with our presents! Brady and Don got some molding play stuff and here are the results of that!
If you can't tell behind the disguise, this is Don!

Then like the rest of the trip Brady, Jeff and Don played the Wii all day! Oh and for anyone that knows this game.. They beat the TANK GAME! They were pretty proud of themselves!! lol!


Mindi said...

Cute pictures! I'll have to steal them. We miss you guys already!

Natalie said...

What a great holiday! I love the picture frame with the pics (VERY creative, just like your scrapbooks) and I'm impressed with the molding skills!

I'm just glad we didn't get a wii because I think we'd all become estranged from each other. ;)